Concorde Asset Management (Concorde Alapkezelő zrt.) is registered in Hungary by the Metropolitan Court of Budapest, company registration number Cg.01-10-044222. The Registered seat and central office of Concorde Asset Management is  Alkotás út 50, Budapest H-1123, Hungary.

The supervisory authority of the Company is the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (Pénzügyi Szervezetek Állami Felügyelete). The authorization number of Concorde Asset Management is III/100.024-4/2002.

Please note that web content pertaining to the strategy and performance of specific funds managed by Concorde Asset Management are intended for investment professionals only and should not be relied on by anyone else. Additionally, the provision of information pertaining to the specific funds is not complete; its sole purpose is to raise attention. A base for any investment decision can only be established in view of the Prospectus and Fund Management Regulations of the given fund.

As the funds are not capital or yield guaranteed the value of investment may decrease as well as increase and the complete loss of invested capital is also possible. Past performance is no guarantee of future yields.  Any investment to the funds is only advised in the possession of adequate investment experience and appropriate familiarity with the capital and financial markets. Fund performance in compliance with the respective regulatory requirements.

The information included within this website shall not be treated as an investment offer, a tender bid, or tax advice.  No claim may be raised against Concorde Asset Management on the basis of this web content. Concorde Asset Management expressly excludes its liability for any errors occurred within this website.

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AHIFAMC - 2001 Asset Manager of the Year MASTERCARD - 2006 Asset Manager of the Year EUROMONEY - 2010, 20111st Prize in 9 categories, including Private Banking